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The Precious Possum - Neat Stuff

Not only can you find neat stuff on the INSIDE of The Precious Possum, but now you can find neat stuff on the OUTSIDE.  We’re proud to welcome you to the “Possum Garden.”  It’s a unique space with unique characters.  Take a stroll through the Possum Garden at The Precious Possum in Amory, MS and you might happen across a Blackwater Folk Art original sign like the one above.

Blackwater Folk Art is part of an extended family of simple people that loved the outdoors, gardening and creating something from nothing. Their signs are created from an abundance of raw materials created from a series of hurricanes.  Salvaging old warehouses, barnes and delapidated buildings provide the recycled material they use to craft their goods.  Most of their painters and crafters are self taught artists with a love of color and creativity.  All the signs are painted by hand, not by machines, and yes, occasionally you’ll find one with a “type” which just goes to show you that it’s really, really one of a kind and hand-done!  

he Precious Possum - Neat Stuff

Looking for a special gift for that special someone?  How about a “happy” for yourself.  Go ahead, you deserve it.  You won’t find a better selection of neat stuff to either keep or give away than at The Precious Possum in Amory, MS.

he Precious Possum - Neat Stuff

Vintage is in!  Did it ever go out?  Not at The Precious Possum and definitely not in the Possum Garden.  Living in the South brings a unique perspective on the world and as you can see, Bubba’s Eatery has it’s own particular take on the Food Pyramid.  Come, explore and find everything your heart desires at The Precious Possum in Amory, MS.

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