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The Precious Possum - The Good Earth Pottery

Richie Watts began his creative experimentations in the spring of 2000 to produce the unique dinnerware known as The Good Earth Pottery. Success came in the fall of that same year with the pattern Mockingbird, introduced in 2001. Carlos Caballero then joined as a partner.

The Good Earth Pottery has expanded to become nationally renown with advertisements in Southern Living magazine and Mississippi Magazine. The dinnerware itself is stoneware of the highest quality and is safe for use in dishwashers, ovens, microwaves (reheating only), and freezers.

With designs unlike any other pottery line, Good Earth’s appealing colors and textures are sure to complement every room in your home. One-of-a-kind pieces such as dramatic crosses and canisters are truly works of art and will dress up more than your dining table.

The Good Earth collection now consists of over 35 eye-catching patterns and over 75 unique pieces. Come in and experience the endless possibilities of The Good Earth Pottery: A Softspoken Departure from the Expected.

In-Stock Patterns:

  • Blue Heron: The newest pattern from Good Earth Pottery.
  • Mockingbird: The beauty that is mockingbird is a field in summer, a soft fragile morning,a loved ones glance. Its a place remembered, a special time, a shared love. The sage, the wheat and the sand combine to produce a subtle fresh pallet of color for your table that we call mockingbird.
  • Bluebird: Warm rays of the sun in Algiers. The soft sand. A crystal sky. Bluebirds take flight and become entwined in the arms of this sun, which they spiral toward and then encircle. It takes your breath away. This is the study in color that is bluebird by The Good Earth Pottery.
  • Bird Of Paradise: First there was the bird, then there was the flower. Now there is The Good Earth Pottery’s Bird of Paradise. A combination of brick, jasper, grass on a background of magnolia and when lucky; a few hints of lavender. The perfect choice for a bolder pallet.
  • Indigo: I close my eyes and I see the blue of the Aegean Sea. I close my eyes and I see the blue that is the Caribbean Sea. I close my eyes and I see the blue that is of sapphires and lapis. I close my eyes and I see the blue that is Indigo by The Good Earth Pottery.
  • Saffron: The sweet fragrance. The warm light. The spice sensation that is Saffron. The gentle glow of a candle with burnt orange that is flame . These are all found in this surprise. This happiness. This color; Saffron. A new friend, a standard, a favorite. Saffron by The Good Earth.
  • Cinnabar: Warm and inviting.

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