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Growing up in rural Alabama, Tracy Wilson developed a love of nature at a very young age.  It was her greatest pleasure to go for a walk in the woods. Even back then she was fascinated by new or unusual plants and trees. Something else she had always enjoyed is art and creating things with her hands.  For many years she was an avid photographer, focusing mostly on family, wildlife and flowers.  One thing that she had always wanted to try was pottery, but the opportunity had never presented itself.  In the spring of 2006, she read an advertisement in the local news paper for beginner pottery classes. Needless to say she jumped at the chance.

In 2007 she began incorporating her love of nature into her pottery designs.

The idea of doing Leaf Impressed Pottery began when she first saw some huge Princess Tree Leaves that were growing on her property.  They were so large and unusual that she wanted to preserve them somehow.  Through trial and error she came up with the Original Princess Tree Leaf Platter.  The large platters were so well received by everyone who saw them that soon one thing lead to another and she began making all kinds of Leaf impressed Platters, Bowls, Mugs and other things as well. Then Tracy noticed that some leaves have a shape that looks a bit like a fish and The Original Fish Leaf Platter was born. After that some of the leaves began to look like butterflies so then the Original KUDZU BUTTERFLY (TM) was born…….

Poplar Ridge Pottery uses actual leaves, to press into their pottery while the clay is still soft.  Of course no two leaves are ever exactly the same, they are as unique as a fingerprint and so is each piece of pottery that they make.  The intricate veins can’t be simulated or imitated.  And as you might expect the very large leaves are often hard to find and even more difficult to reach.

In Tracy’s glazing process it’s her goal to showcase the leaves in great detail, never cover them up.  Leaves are truly a marvel of nature. Leaves and nature have become a theme in most of their work.

In 2008 Tracy’s husband Craig began to take an interest in making pottery.  Today they collaborate on almost every piece of pottery Poplar Ridge Pottery makes.  Craig is a great inspiration to Tracy as he has so many wonderful ideas and he is never afraid to try something new.

Each Leaf Bowl, Platter, Trivet and Mug is an Original work of art inspired by nature and made entirely by hand. They are suitable for a dramatic display or they can be completely functional.

Not only have Tracy and Craig learned more about pottery techniques but they have learned a great deal about leaves and trees as well.  This has truly been a joyful journey and a fantastic learning experience.  These are just a few of the reasons that make these stoneware pieces so wonderful. Each one is truly a “UNIQUE” and “ONE OF A KIND” work of art inspired by nature.

Poplar Ridge Pottery hopes that you will love and enjoy these Functional and Decorative pieces.

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