Secrets of the South

The Precious Possum - Secrets of the South Gourmet Foods

Secrets of the South is a family owned business that Alice May Johnson and her husband Glenn operate together. She enjoys cooking, and he enjoys tasting……….

Alice’s first cookbook, To the Bride, was a gift from Pfeifer Department Store for purchasing her wedding dress. Use of this book fostered her love for cooking gourmet food and collecting gourmet recipes. Alice is always asking: “How do you make this? What are the ingredients? Could I have the recipe?” Marketing her cookbooks and gourmet spices, gourmet jellies, gourmet dip mix, gourmet soup mix and some of her other products, gives Alice the advantage of sharing these recipes she has amassed over the years. Her friends have offered secrets of their culinary success, and she is happy to pass these along as well.

One of the greatest joys of cooking is sharing with friends and collecting their good ideas as well.

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JUNE 10, 2017
Katie Spencer
to wed
Blake Parker

JUNE 10, 2017
Sara Chaffin
to wed
Seth Armstrong

JUNE 24, 2017
Melissa Kuykendall
to wed
Aubrey Beach

JULY 1, 2017
Shelby Langford
to wed
Jonathan Creekmore

JULY 15, 2017
Audrey Sanderson
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Will Alexander

AUGUST 5, 2017
Lauren Iupe
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Walton Chaney

OCTOBER 7, 2017
Marilu Sanders
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Caleb Springfield